Friday, 23 January 2009

New lenses?

There are some rumours regarding the all new 50 1.4 and 17-40L. It sounds plausible, since Sigma is now producing 50 1.4, which is quite a chunk of glass (77 mm filter) compared to Canon's 50 1.4 plastic light-weight standard lens. 17-40L should be replaced (in my opinion a long time ago) with a new, much sharper version. As we all know, its border sharpness is very poor and it has to be stopped down a couple of f stops to get good center sharpness especially at 17 mm. Canon really should put more effort in improving their EF UWA lenses in terms of image quality (they do make great EF-S UWA lenses, 10-22 for example). Rumours also say it's not going to have IS.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

5D mkII chat with Rob Galbraight

No real news or rumors regarding the new 5D. But that doesn't mean one can't find interesting articles/posts searching for some new 5D mkII info. I found this snapshot of a msn chat over at Fake Chuck Westfall. Pretty amusing stuff, it should make the wait for 5D mkII announcement a bit easier (click on the image to ENLARGE).

Thursday, 11 September 2008

17th September?

I already got a comment yesterday, suggesting a press conference on 17th, but now the news about 17th september 5D mkII announcement is all over the photo forums and sites.

There are also some rumours about the price; 2600 EUR. For a camera with 21 or even 24 mpix with 1080p video capture, that would really be a bargain. It would be even cheaper than Sony A900, which has no video mode and besides that there are numerous heated Hi-ISO noise debates on various forums. I guess we should all thank Sony for introducing a FF camera with top of the class resolution priced at only $3000. I doubt Canon would otherwise put a 2400 EUR price tag on 5D's successor (to be honest I doubt it's going to be below 3k).

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

5D mkII with 24 mpix

Another set of specs can be found on the internet. French site EOS numerique posted these:

English translation:
* 24 Megapixel 24X36 CMOS sensor
* New battery, new grip
* DIGIC IV processor
* Magnesium alloy body
* Live view
* Video Mode
* Integrated Cleaning System
* Full compatibility with Canon EF and EX-series Speedlites
* Price : 2600€
* Official announcement : 17/09/2008

* More specs... soon

Canon's ad showing a bit more

Canon has altered their ad, showing slightly more. This certanly goes along with changing moon phases. I believe everything should be revealed on 15th September, at least according to the Moon phase calculator ;).

I also just received an email suggesting 5D mkII will offer 1080p video capture. Along with 21 mpix, that would really be destined evolution.

Monday, 8 September 2008

7D pictures

I've found two versions of what's supposed to be the successor of the good (very) ol' 5D over on Fred Miranda forums:

Friday, 5 September 2008

5D mkII "revealed"

I just got this info in my mailbox. Brad (link to his flicker post) was kind enough to send me a gamma adjusted mystery camera, supposedly the new 5D aka 5D mkII. Just like anyone expected it, but now that we can see that camera design is very similar to the "good ol'" 5D, expect of the different button layout, we're just one step closer to be sure of it. You can read all the relevant data on the pic (click to enlarge):