Wednesday, 14 November 2007

1D mkIV

There are some rumours floting around the web regarding a true 1D mkIII upgrade (instead of IIIN). The main reason for a larger step forward, is without a doubt the embarasing 1D3 AF issues (not to mention Canon's shameful way of "undoing the damage") and Nikon D3. I think even Canon was surprised by D3's awesome features and performance, especially when it comes to High ISO.

Anyway, here are the rumoured 1D4 specs:

* Same form factor as current 1 Series
* Full Frame 16MP sensor (end of 1.3 crop cameras)
* ISO 100 to 6400 (expandible 50 and 12800)
* Live View with contrast detection AF and HD Video capture (It is considered this will revolutionise photo journalism and meet growing requirement for web news video and cross media feeds).
* Stills can be grabbed from HD Video capture but only at 2MP resolution.
* 1.3x crop mode with viewfinder masking and reduced size RAW (10MP) with significantly improved buffer for cropped RAW images
* 10 fps, buffer similar for FF images.