Sunday, 29 July 2007

Canon's 50 mpix camera

I've read on Dpreview forums that, september's edition of UK magazine T3 has mention on page 60 of a 50Mp Canon camera coming in 2008 to definitively bury 35mm film.

The only way this could be true is, if Canon is developing a MF camera (there were a lot of MF rumours before last year's Photokina).

Saturday, 28 July 2007

30D prices are lower then ever

I was just checking the prices on geizhals yesterday and found out that prices dropped below 800 EUR (that's $1090 US). There was an offer for 773 EUR, but it wasn't there today anymore. Price are dropping fast, so I can only conclude that 40D is really close. I'd say August 20-23 are the most possible dates for announcement. Since I really don't expect it to be revolutionary (check all the previous rumoured specs), I'll buy a 30D after the announcement, which will drive the prices down even further. I hope below 700 EUR.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

An article about september 40D announcement

I found it on Chasseur d' Images site (which is a magazine as well). It doesn't say anything about specs, just that 40D and Nikon D300 are going to be announced in september.

There are currently many rumoured specs on various sites and forums. All of them are pretty much the same, some differentiate only by mpix count, everything else seems to be the same (5 fps, no weather sealing, same body and LCD...). I just hope that VF is going to be bigger.

Without at least one of the following features, I think it's going to have a hard time competing with Nikon D300, besides that they might loose a small percentage to Pentax k10d:
-weather sealing (D300 will have it, k10D has it)
-larger VF (D300 will have it, k10d has it)
-image stabilisation (that won't happen, but k10d has it)

40D announced on 6th september?

I just read the info posted on FM Forums, that says:

I was told yesterday that the 40D will be announced on September 6, that this is a firm date, and that there likely will be no further camera announcements this year .

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

CIPA put 40D on their list

I've found thi info on microstockgroup. Here's the quote:

CIPA has updated its PictBridge Certified Model listing dated July 17, 2007.

And there is a new listing for a camera called EOS 40D!

Check it out:

30D prices are going down down down...

Prices dropped below 800 EUR in some European contries. That makes me confiedent about late august (rumors say 20th) 40D announcement.

It looks like I'll have to hurry up and buy 30D before it goes out of stock (one of the largest Canon dealers in Slovenia said they aren't going to order 30D unless it's for a know buyer(s)). I guess the ideal timing would be end of august, a week or so after the announcement so that I can get it for the lowest price possible. 40D won't be revolutionary anyway and I don't think 10 mpix (which is a minimal resolution increase), antidust and perhaps a few really minor tweaks is worth another few hundres euros/$ (I expect a price around 1300 EUR/$ right after the announcement). Besides that, I will be able to use my favourite raw convereter Raw shooter with 30D.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Another rumour about 40D specs

This was posted on a spanish site. Like expected it has 10 mpix and a few tweaks already seen in 400D. No weather sealing this time (I don't think Canon will offer at the expected price). It seems like 18-55 kit lens is getting an upgrade (I wonder what will that be, probably it will be marked as 10 mpix compatible:D). 6,25 fps sounds like a nice framerate, but with the same AF it's still not a real sports camera.

* Sensor 1,6x de 10 Mpx.
* Limpieza de sensor.
* Pantalla LCD de 3 pulgadas.
* LiveView.
* Formatos habituales, JPG, RAW y aparece un nuevo formato llamado sRAW.
* ISO 100 a 1600 en pasos de 1/3.
* Velocidad de disparo 6,25 fps, 75 JPG o 17 RAW.
* Se podrĂ¡ usar el grip BG-E2 (el de la Canon 30D).
* Parece que el 18-55 se renueva.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

1Ds mkIII in october, priced at $13k (AUS)

I've come across this rumour on POTN. If that will be the price tag, then I guess Nikon will sell a lot more of their D3's (rumors are that it'll priced around $8k (US)). And people were complainig 8k is too much...

Here's the quote:

I was chatting to Sam at D & D Photographics (Sydney Australia) and he mentioned they are taking pre-orders for the 1Ds III.

He said it will be announced in October sometime, 22MP and around $13k (Aus).

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

40D specifications? 18-200 IS?

I found this on DPR forums. It seems like 40D will have the same ISO range as 1D mkIII (100-3200 + 6400 expansion), weather proof and 3" live view LCD. Everything else was already expected. Here are the specs (translated):


10,100,000 pixel 5 scene/second 40 shot buffer
iso100-3200 (Hi6400 expansion)
Digic3 dust reduction
Live view photographing
3 inch liquid crystal
Highlight brightness priority setting loading
Drip-proof dustproof

Actual sale 168000 Yen 10% restoration
7 end of the month sales

EF-S 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 IS USM
Simultaneous sale.

Here is the original link: ...ndow%3D1%26rls%3DGGLJ,GGLJ:2006-33,GGLJ:en

30D production stopped

Apparently someone got the official info form Canon. I found this in DPR forum. Here's the quote:
I heard from Canon that they offically stopped production of the 30D. They are gearing up for the "40D". Will be in stores by Q4.
They will also be winding down the 5D production over the next couple of months.

It's also interesting to see that Canon is winding down the 5D production as well. I hope we can expect the 6D announcement in the near future. I guess the Nikon D3 announcement in August (I got info from Nikon Slovenia representative), speeded things up a bit.