Friday, 8 February 2008

What 7D should be like

I've read a lot of rumours about splitting the 5D line in two new models; 3D and 7D. If that's really Canon's plan and they're indeed trying to make an entry level FF (7D) and a semi pro FF camera (3D), then I think the specifications should be something like this:

- 10 mpix. By using the new sensor technology that we've seen in 1D mkIII, combined with DIGIC III, I believe that XL photosites would deliver super clean high ISO images, that would show an incredible level of detail as well. By High ISO I mean 6400 and the results should be noticably better than D3's. ISO could be extended all the way to 25600. It would have 14 bit A/D converter, which has became a standard at all new Canon DSLRs anyway.
- improved 40D's AF
- dust reduction
- 4 fps
- no weather sealing (3D would have it), slightly improved ergonomics compared to 5D
- high resolution 3" Live view LCD

To be honest I don't believe Canon would make such a camera. Making a 10 mpix FF sensor is unheard of nowadays, although we all know it would deliver super clean&crisp high ISO photos. Besides that it could be priced below $2k, since it would have only 10 mpix. Contary to company's thinking, such a camera would make a step forward, not backward. But what is more likely to happen is, that 7D would get 5D's sensor and 3D would get a brand new 16 mpix sensor, which should also be a bit better at high ISO settings then 1D mkIII. That wouldn't be that bad, but also wouldn't be better than D3. It should also have weather sealing, improved AF (perhaps taken from the old 1 series) and 5-6 fps.