Saturday, 26 January 2008

6D will have to wait untill late summer

I heard a rumour that 6D is going to be announced just before Photokina, probably sometime between late August and 20th September. One of the reasons on why it wasn't announced now, right before PMA, was that Canon already announced 2 cameras last Fall and 450D just a few days ago. Besides that, Canon needs an announcement for Photokina and 6D is the only model that could be announced so soon. In my opinion, there could also be a 1D mkIIIn or even a mkIV. 6D is supposed to be a real upgrade, so 5D mkII won't be an option. It's reasonable though, after 3 long years minor updates should be out of the question.

Here are the rumoured specifications:

- 16 mpix, ISO 100-6400 (extended 12800)
- Digic III, 14 bit A/D, highlight priority with respectable DR boost (1+ EV)
- 3" LCD with higher resolution and live view
- dust reduction
- some changes to the body design, partial weather sealing
- 4 fps
- improved AF system (probably just improved 40D's AF)

I hope the new sensor will be even better at high ISO than Nikon's D3 and that its dynamic range would at least come close, if not on par with Fuji's S5.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

5D mkII delayed

It's been a dry season regarding fresh rumours. And we are only 12 days away from PMA. Unbelivable! I'm glad I can finally write a new post. I didn't post for 2 months, since I don't like to post old stuff or just some slightly altered old speculations.

This one is about 5D mkII. I've came across some rumours that it's being delayed. Probably until Photokina 2008. But at least I hope Canon will make the 5D's successor a whole new camera, not just add a few unsignificant improvements, such as larger screen, buffer etc. If we have to wait another 8 months, they SHOULD do better than that. After all we're all tired of this endless small step evolutions. And Nikon has really made a breakthrough with D3 and D300 and they could decide to make a 5D competitor as well. So Canon has to act.