Sunday, 30 March 2008

50D on the 5th April 2009

I came across this rumour on forums:

According to Canon Japan Internas the EOS 50D comes in spring, 2009, exactly on the 05th April, 2009, worldwide presented for the PMA 09 in Wellington, New Zealand. Canon Japan makes this deliberate, because a narrow connection of Japan by New Zealand exists. 50D will have 12 chips MPix of 450D, she offers ISO values to 3200 really as well as by (known) trick to ISO 6400, 3-inch monitor and is sealed even stronger than 40D. It is placed between 5D MKII and 450D (which is removed shortly after from 500D). There will not be 3000D, by the way, because Canon it for holds not possibly to offer a reasonable new-developed DSLR in the prize segment less than 450D (which will cost till then for about 400 € as a set). However, the 50D will have otherwise an as big resemblance to 40D like it had 30D with 20D. The next real generation jump (signal processor, sensor etc.) comes with 60D, presumably in fall 2010. The two-digit remain, in any case, an APS C cameras. The thought is interesting that Canon develops a "3D", the body of 1D has reminded, indeed, rather of the features (MP, speed) of 5D MkII. This 3D closes that (also in price) gap between 5D MkII (approx. $ 3500,-) and 1d MkIII (approx. $ 4500,-). Then the line-up looks like: 450D (500D), 50D, 5DMkII, 3D, 1DMkIII, 1DsMkIII. Suitably to the 50D (in the set) there comes a successor of the USM IS 17-85, the USM IS 16-105. In addition, Canon works on a megazoom lens (as it were to a successor of the 28-300 L), however, nothing has still trickled through precise. And an USM 1.4/35 should complement the L 1.4/35 USM as a "Mainstream-Prime".

Friday, 14 March 2008

5D mkII announced in April - part 3

It seems that the story about 5D mkII is not over yet, here's a minor update from the guy who claims to have a credible source. This was posted a few hours ago on dpreview forum:

I made an error on the spec regarding the cross-type sensors. My source tells me there are 13 cross type sensors, not 12.

I even missed this in a response to someone in post II who said this didn't make sense . I meant to say 13, not 12.

I had a very limited time to respond to everyone, so I did a little copying and pasting (of this error) and compounded the misinformation.
There are 13 cross-type sensors in the AF of the new camera.

My apologies for any confusion I may have caused.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

5D mkII announced in April - part 2

I found a sequel on dpreview forums to the 5d mkII rumour written in previous post. Additional information and clarifications are quoted below:

The CMOS in the new camera will be an entirely new generation, not based on the current flagship or the current camera it is replacing. The reason Canon can do this without cutting into the 1D series is because the new flagship will best the 5D in 3 key areas: frame rate, buffer, and AF. Canon recognizes these are extremely important to sports photographers. No one shooting pro sports goes backwards to save a few thousand dollars on a body. Canon knows this and understands it isn't competing against itself - even if amateurs on forums such as this (who wont buy the pro-series cam) do.

The CXR NR system will detail retention at 12800 similar to 3200 on current model, though a 1 2/3 stop improvement is the conservative, stated estimate. Canon hopes to create a "wow" factor with a conservative estimate that surpasses itself in studio/ pro review tests, because they know at this level, you'll be looking there. The philosophy here is that it will create such a "buzz," many who would not consider this camera will consider it. Calling a 2-stop advantage a 2-stop advantage would simply be meeting expectations. FPS will also slightly exceed 6 (and 3), as stated. Canon received negative feedback for the 6.5 FPS quoted in the 40D and learned from their mistake here. (Expect Nikon to underpromise at D3 and above cameras in the future. This is common when technology advancements under perform "consumer pull")

The weather sealing will, in fact, be the same as the current flagship. This is in direct response to Nikon and Pentax. Expect full weather sealing to be a feature in all but low-end (Rebel) bodies in the next cycle. You can thank Pentax for this.

Battery life will only be improved by just under 10% due to the extra processing required.

The market segment is not in direct competition with the D300. Just as the 5D created a new class of camera 3 years ago, the new 5D will create a similar new niche above the D300, but below the current Canon flagship. It will remain the affordable, full-frame niche that Nikon chose not to produce. The new Canon flagship, this Fall, will have a "1.5:1 price/performance advantage to the Nikon flagship." (Read carefully: this statement refers to the coming Canon flagship, not the 5D II being discussed here).

5D mkII announced in April

I've just came across this incredible rumour,that was discussed on slo-foto forum:

The new 5D II will not be released at Photokina, but instead will be a surprise announcement on April 22, according to a source I am unwilling to disclose.

The specs of the new camera are as follows (final name unavailable):

- 15.3 MP full frame CMOS sensor (vastly improved light-gathering capacity per pixel: improved micro lenses; miniaturized micro circuitry; enhanced signal/noise ratio)

- Weather sealing same as 1Ds Mark III

- Dual Digic III with all-new "CXR" NR system reported to best 3rd party NR software. Available as a C.F with 4 levels of customizable parameters.

14 bit A/D conversion

- ISO 12800 (C.F. up to 25600)

- Reported 1 2/3 stop sensitivity improvement

- All-new 29-point TTL CMOS sensor
with 12 cross-type for F/2.8 or faster lens
(35% faster than 40D)

- Micro lens fine adjustment for up to 14 lenses

- 300,000 exposure shutter durability

- 6.0 / 3.0 fps

- 3.0" LCD
922,000 pixels

- EOS Integrated Cleaning System

- Live View (improved from 450D; latest generation)

- 6/3 fps continuous shooting for up to 68 frames

- MSRP $3499, available June 2