Friday, 29 August 2008

5D mkII latest specs leak

I've found these specifications on lots of sites and blogs around the net. People have written thousands of posts about it in the last couple of days. At first I had my doubts about 21 mpix, but from the huge resoulution bump that we've seen with 50D, it doesn't sound all that unrealistic. Although I still think this is going to have a devastating effect on 1Ds mkIII sales. Packed in a smaller body, with the same resolution, newer processor, HD mode - when you think about all theses new goodies, 5D mkII is even better than 1Ds in so many ways. Sure it's not as robust and its AF performace won't be as good. But who really needs top of the class AF speed and 45 AF points - most users use it for people shots anyway (portraits, fashion, weddings) and nature shots. There's no mention of the price, but it should be below $3k (matched to D700).

* 21.1 MP 1.0x
* ISO 100-6400 L:50 & H:12800
* 5 FPS
* 3.2" High Resolution Screen (LCD)
* 19 point AF
* HDMI Out
* Liveview
* HD Movie Mode
* Viewfinder: 100% Coverage
* Full weather sealing
* EF Lenses only

Sunday, 24 August 2008

50D leak

Here's a quote from Canon Japan's site, revealing specs:

Equipped with newly developed Canon DIGIC 4 digital video processor, to further improve the performance of the camera, with stronger data-processing capacity, bringing unprecedented performance of the image!

Canon developed and produced independently by the CMOS image sensor, has about 15.1 million effective pixel high-definition, the best show the beauty of the world!

Anti-Shake feature built-in camera, due to lower Shoudou the fuzzy images, taken more fun!

EOS integrated system with dust, the dust will reduce the impact on the image to the human eye can be difficult to understand the extent.

There's more on the new pix display etc on this LINK. I find it hard to believe Canon incorporated a built in image stabilisation. That would just cut too much into their IS lenses sales.

Friday, 22 August 2008

"5D mkII" announced on monday?

Most of us expected the announcement around 22nd August. That's the date Canon usually announced new cameras/lenses. Well they did disappoint us this year. So everybody really expects the annoncement on monday or tuesday. I mean they have to do something, because Nikon is really making their customers "switch boats" with D700, which really outperformes the "ancient" 5D in basically all aspects.

Anyway, here are the rumoured specs:

# new body design with integrated grip"
# "ISO 100-12500"
# "new processor"
# "6-8 fps"
# "3.2 inch lcd (not oled)"
# "I don't know how many MP, my friend believes it is more than 15 MP but there is no certain number he'd tell. Personally I was hoping high-around 18 MP cam, may be it will be."
# "Different name: not 3D, not 7D or 5D Mark II... something different; looks like it might have different names for Europe, USA and Asia (like kiss, xsi, d450 etc)"

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

7D announcement on August 26th

Rumours are floating around the internet that the date of announcement is going to be August 26th. I also found the specs on this site. And here are the specs:

-5fps, Up to 21 RAW files
-Dust removing system
-15-point TTL CMOS sensor
-Center point additionally sensitive with lenses of F2.8 or faster
-96% frame coverage
-Magnification: 0.71x

-3.0" 640x480 TFT LCD (920,000 pixels)
-ISO 50-3200 extended to 12800 and 25600
-DIGIC III, 14-bit
-Canon EF lens mount (not EF-S)
-Live View Mode

-The body is very similar to the 5D, similar handgrip
-Surprisingly cheap, US$ 1,899

While some dealers already stated Canon will discontinue 5D production, here's a 7D spy shot:

Price in a French store