Friday, 29 August 2008

5D mkII latest specs leak

I've found these specifications on lots of sites and blogs around the net. People have written thousands of posts about it in the last couple of days. At first I had my doubts about 21 mpix, but from the huge resoulution bump that we've seen with 50D, it doesn't sound all that unrealistic. Although I still think this is going to have a devastating effect on 1Ds mkIII sales. Packed in a smaller body, with the same resolution, newer processor, HD mode - when you think about all theses new goodies, 5D mkII is even better than 1Ds in so many ways. Sure it's not as robust and its AF performace won't be as good. But who really needs top of the class AF speed and 45 AF points - most users use it for people shots anyway (portraits, fashion, weddings) and nature shots. There's no mention of the price, but it should be below $3k (matched to D700).

* 21.1 MP 1.0x
* ISO 100-6400 L:50 & H:12800
* 5 FPS
* 3.2" High Resolution Screen (LCD)
* 19 point AF
* HDMI Out
* Liveview
* HD Movie Mode
* Viewfinder: 100% Coverage
* Full weather sealing
* EF Lenses only