Wednesday, 18 July 2007

30D prices are going down down down...

Prices dropped below 800 EUR in some European contries. That makes me confiedent about late august (rumors say 20th) 40D announcement.

It looks like I'll have to hurry up and buy 30D before it goes out of stock (one of the largest Canon dealers in Slovenia said they aren't going to order 30D unless it's for a know buyer(s)). I guess the ideal timing would be end of august, a week or so after the announcement so that I can get it for the lowest price possible. 40D won't be revolutionary anyway and I don't think 10 mpix (which is a minimal resolution increase), antidust and perhaps a few really minor tweaks is worth another few hundres euros/$ (I expect a price around 1300 EUR/$ right after the announcement). Besides that, I will be able to use my favourite raw convereter Raw shooter with 30D.