Sunday, 30 September 2007

5D mkII

I've found quite a few rumours about the so called 5D mkII on various photo forums and sites. So far the rumour that seems most likely is, that it could be launched as soon as November 2007 to "take the edge off" D300 availability – otherwise it will be January 2008 for PMA.


* 14 bit RAW
* 16 MP sensor using the same technology as the 1D III
* 3 inch screen, live view etc.
* Body very similar to the 40D except for different pentaprism / viewfinder etc.
* Upgraded AF (like the 40D but with assist points)
* Limited weather sealing etc. (like the 40D)
* Still not a sports camera – it will be 4 or 5 fps.
* Same firmware features as 40D (highlight tone priority etc.)
* Image quality beats the current 1Ds II
* Pricing still being finalised. Will be 'a bit more than the D300'


roentarre said...

Hi there. A nice summary there.

5 frames per second is more than enough being a sports camera.

16MP might be just a little too much I reckon. 14 MP will be the peak already.

40D is really weather sealed but reinforced around the important areas anyway (battery, card slot and LCD)

I just got a bargain ex demo 5D not yet tried out at all. But mark II version is definitely tempting :)

Your blog can fulfill all my fantasy about canon cameras

Pero said...


Specs are nice indeed and I also agree 16 mpix could be a bit much. Although 1Ds mkIII has 21 so 5D mkII still wouldn't be a real competition when it comes to IQ and resolution. And let's not forget all the 1Ds's pro fetures...I OTOH would be overjoyed if canon made a 10 mpix, super noiseless DSLR, with clean ISO 6400 image (better than Nikon D3, which is excellent), still more or less noiseless ISO 12700 and usable 25600. It would most likely also have noticably better DR (Fuji S5's 10 EV is just crazy).

When it comes to the body we all know it's going to be just a FF version of 40D, just like 5D is a FF version of 30D. It's a shame though, at that price range, Canon should at least include weather sealing and better AF (old 1 series would do the trick). Or they could sell it at a lower price point - I like that option even more:).

I also got a bargain brand new 30D. The time when new models come to the stores is really best to buy the "outdated" one.

Anonymous said...

Why do you guys think 16mp would be too much? The original 1Ds was 11mp and the 5D was 12mp, so Canon would not be concerned that it would be a higher resolution than the previous 1Ds model. Would it impact on the frame rate too much? I personally hope it will be 16-17mp like the 1DsMkII as that would be the perfect camera for me. As for the other features, I think it's a pretty safe bet that all the new features found in the 40D will be present in the 5D replacement (except for the frame rate).

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