Wednesday, 31 January 2007

1d mkIII and 1Ds mkIII predictions

I've found this one on FM. Lots of people think, that the actual cameras will have the following or at least very simillar specifications:

A new 1D series camera will be announced for PMA. It will have a size similar to the 1V, and will be 8.5 fps with a full frame 12.8MP sensor. ISO will now be 100-3200 (extendable to 50 and 6400). There will be a refinement of the 45 focus point system, with more cross sensors.

There will be multiple grips available for the camera, including a WiFi grip, and a basic grip that simply adds battery capacity.

There will be a customiseable button that can be set to MLU.

The camera will be very water-resistant and will have a shutter rated for 200,000 cycles.

Price will be approx US$4500, dropping to under $4,000 within 12 months.

Approximately 3 months later the new 1Ds will be announced. It will be effectively the same camera, but with a 22MP sensor, and a maximum frame rate of 5fps. Price will be $7500, dropping to $7,000 within 12 months

Neither camera will feature internal storage. Neither camera will feature a larger than 24mm x 36mm sensor. There will be no further 1.3x cameras.