Tuesday, 30 January 2007

1st post

From today on, I'll start posting PMA Canon rumours on this blog. I'll start with rumoured specs for each model, that is supposed to be announced on PMA and are floating around the web.

Canon EOS 1D Mark III: 12Mp x1.2, DIGIC III, 8,5fps, until raw 25 every, dust removal, length grip crisis possibility (the grip den kit swelling up expression is like this), the SD+CF and the Wifi. (2007 January) - 3000Eur
The AF improve, anger quality of photometry improvement and the iso3200 the improvement and jpg anger quality improvement become accomplished plentifully,: The D it appears to be being an efficiency improvement which Jig 3 is common.

- Canon EOS 40D 10Mp, x1.6, DIGIC III, 5fps, dust removal, the ISO de 100 a 3200, AF side strong-point increases, or, improvement of AF efficiency Ye Sang Doem (PMA 20074 month) - 1200Eur

The price is a forecast price or a drawing up volition hope price one possibility.

Again once emphasizing... lwu me Is. lwu me Petty there is a right equator and it tries to raise from information dimension.

And it is not confirmed lwu me one compared to...

1ds mk2 succeeding model: It says that the some pro are doing test already. 22Mp The rumor will be above digic 3, 3 inch LCD and dust removal,3 degummed yarn... It remained and as the person who is a tester from the public piece being announced next year in April.
Origin it reinforces the square damp-proof portion which is November come into the market plan which will come and the bedspread which it says that ni information about the price of 1:1 reeds which will come out from the cone newly waits compared to comes out flowing.

And... One compared to... 1:1 reeds B causing to defecate with the supply elder brother, and the middle class elder brother coming out Rab ni all. As well next year April announcement

30d Currently 5d with it equips the almost similar evening sunlight in size and 5d as the reed which is cheap coming out does. With additional function square damp-proof (it probably is dust removal which probably is place square damp-proof which becomes anti dust... well it will not know.) The cross sensor comes to be many. D Jig 3

Currently 5d 16Mp the sensor it is sweet in size and 5 degummed yarn and square damp-proof (anti-dust) the cross sensor comes to be many, the reed which affixes D Jig 3 coming out Rab ni all.

When it becomes like this and 40d middle charge all FF sensor runs last and 400d only the succession khu remains with Rob sensor and as.

Different contents the broad way which is confirmed it will amend.

The source: SLR club SundayShooter writing
This is taken from an interesting post on fredmiranda:
- The 1 series should be announced first for pride / reputation with the new features
- Even though the 1 series sells in very limited quantities, the professional camera division in Canon has a lot of clout - seen as creating a brand image leadership in the whole camera space.
- The 30D replacement is badly required as the 20D/30D’s combined market share has dropped radically over the last few months due to a combination of internal competition from the 400D and the market impact of the Nikon D80 and Sony A100 etc.
- The 30D series segment is seen as important to Canon because of lens on-sell. This market and upwards tends to buy extra lenses, including high value lenses (I interpret that to be “high profit”).
- The two 5D replacements make the most sense if sold together. Though they could announce the high end one first (as a 5D replacment) and then follow with the low end (entry level FF). The low end 5D repalcement is thought too similar to the 5D to be released while the 5D is in the market.
- The 5D has not sold as well as hoped in most markets except when rebates are offered. However Canon still sell lots more of them that the 1 series and they are nicely profitable. They also have excellent resell on high value lenses.
- The combination of Nikon's aggressive D40 / D80 / D200 range, with the Sony A100 is taking more DSLR market share than Canon predicted. The 400D is selling very well but Canon know they need to regain more of the midrange DLR market quickly to maintain the lens sales and ‘own’ the system for the advanced amateur and semi-pro etc.
- Sony is known to be working on CMOS sensors at 1.6 and FF for their DSLR range and are expected to continue to complete aggressively on features. (Interesting to see what this does for Nikon who currently buy their CCD sensor from Sony) (Also interesting to see no mention of Pentax, which seems stange..).
- Hence the big dilemma – 30D replacement and 1 series replacement now or 30D and one of the 5D replacements now and leave the other 5D and 1 series for later. Or do they upset their channels (never a good idea) and issue 3 cammeras to give the market at knockout puch. In terms of revenue and immediate market share protection delaying the 1 series further makes sense. But the new high end 5D replacement to very close to the 1 series performance (16mp etc), and in terms of prestige, the 1 series should be the best (Note, no mention of delaying the 30D replacement so I guess that is a given?)

The 5D replacements

- 5D would be split into FF two lines to create full frame demand
- Low end – similar to current 12 Mp sensor but with a more 30D like body (could be a 7D?) and DIGIC III. This low end and xxD series were meant to provide a more cost effective choice between 1.6 and FF for the advance amateur and allow a gradual migration to more full frame over time driven by the market.
- High end with more MP (16mp but not the 1D sensor), improved AF for the full frame, DIGIC III etc. (could be a 3D?)


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