Thursday, 10 May 2007

40D specs, that I would prefer

Canon always states that they listen to their users. I hope that's true and that they'll come across this (wannahave) specs:
-1,3x crop sensor, same as in 1D mkIII
-DIGIC III, ISO 6400, 5 fps
-Slightly improved body, especially grip, a bit larger (10D style)
-dust reduction
-2.5 oled display
-improved AF (at least accuracy if not speed), or even better AF from the old 1 series (now that they have a new AF system in 1D mkIII)

I intended to go FF (5D+135L+28-75 2.8 Tamron, new bag and memory card), but I've done numerous calculations, but the sum is still to high. Almost 3x higher then remaining on APS-C, where there's no need for new lenses, bags, memory cards...