Saturday, 12 May 2007

Another 40D rumour

That I found on CDP forums:
A salesman at my favorite camera store told me that he has personally seen pre-production units of the 40D and was told that it will be released on a Monday in late August. He said it would match the XTi's 10 megapixels and have the sensor dust removal technology. It will also supposedly be equipped with the latest processor, but only one of them (unlike the Mark III that was just released with dual processors). He also said that it would indeed be called the "40D". He's a great photographer that knows the Canon and Nikkon lines intimately, so I don't believe he is mistaken.

I still hope it's going to be a 1.3x crop 10 mpix. That way the IQ could be much higher then competition's. Higher DR, lower noise and better DOF control.