Friday, 29 June 2007

40D pics

The rumour about July announcement is still alive and kicking. Besides that I found this "40D" photos


Fabien said...

thank you for the link but I think those picture are not consistent: comparing the rear view with the other ones, you can see there is an issue with the visor that is at the highest position in the rear view and not on any other.
Same kind of issue with the rear wheel that is not located at the same position depending on the view you're looking at... last but not least, I don't really understand where the card reader fit in the rear picture...

Andrew Mitchell said...

I see the same issues that Fabien sees, they are quite obvious.

Looking at the image on the top right, it still says 20D.

I think it is a photoshop of:
it certainly has in the bottom right corner of the picture.
All the shadows are the same... the reflections in the lens in the top left image are the same. The dimentions are the same, and written in the same spots.

Andrew Mitchell said...

Sorry, link broke. Here is the similar image

Anonymous said...

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