Saturday, 18 August 2007

30D&G7 discontinued

I've just came across this post on DPR forums. Here's the quote:

Confirmed by Canon rep today - There is a announcment MONDAY in australia.

G7 is also discontinued - Announcement monday
30D is also discontinued - Announcement monday.


I wonder what G8 is going to be like. What could they possibly improve? 12 mpix? I wouldn't be surprised to see that kind of madness, because I know how mpix affect the consumer psyche. Yeah it's on, it's so on! Sad but true. What they could do to really improve it is to make it with the f2-f3 legendary lens which was a part of the G family for quite some time.

40D specs are more or less known. But I did hear, that it's going to compete with D200, so it might also be a step up. Feature and price wise. I'll wait for 40D to be announced, to see what I'm (not) missing and then buy 30D, when prices will drop even more. But I won't wait to long, since it has been discontinued a while ago (not like the above quoted rumour states - actually this fact will become official on the day of the 40D announcement).