Tuesday, 14 August 2007

New Sony Alpha models

It's not really a Canon rumour, but might be their main competitor. To see what I mean, read this quote from Dyxum forums:
I already told you that my brother-in-law works for Sony on the Alpha project. Here is some more info, some is repeated from my previous posts. The advanced model will be 14.* MP and close to FF. It will have 1.25x factor and a switch for lenses with 1.5 factor. It will be called A300. Because of the pixel pattern similar to Sony ClearVid CMOS sensors, Sony will claim up to 2x effective pixel resolution. The flagship model will be called A500 and will be 100% full frame. Nikon is supplying Sony new steppers to create FF sensors in one shot. Sony first joined forces with Konica Minolta, now with Nikon. This gives to both Sony and Nikon advantage over Canon, which Sony believes will eventually drop to a 3rd place; Sony will move up to 2nd place in overall volume of DSLR's sales. The least expensive Sony DSLR will not have optical viewfinder and will be called A50. The flagship model will be 20 MP, 40 effective. That is the reason why Sony concentrates on top quality glass. Sony's advantage will be fact that they are the foremost sensor maker; their output is several times higher than Matsushita, which is second largest CCD maker.

Here's an rather interesting post to that rumour on slo-foto.net, it's in slovene, so I'l translate it to you:
1. Nikon, that has so much experience with FF sensor, oh yeah...
2. It looks like Sony has finally ruled out Konica Minolta and new Alpha will have a Nikon body?!
3. Nikon can't be the first when it comes to DSLR sales, it' impossible...Not to mention Alpha can't beat Canon "over night" (eg in a heartbeat etc).
4. That spy (who wrote the post) forgot to put down the year that Canon bankrupted.

Proudly user of Nikon ...But I'm still being realistic.