Thursday, 25 October 2007


I've spoken with a Canon rep today and got the info on 6D (the final designation isn't knon yet). From what I've been told, they're trying various versions of the 5D's successor, but most likely they'll put the "real" upgrade on the market, not just a 5D mkII. It's going to be announced in the second half of January a week or so before PMA.

Final specs should be very similar to those (as always there might be some last minute changes):
- 16 mpix
- ISO 3200, extended to 6400
- highlight priority with respectable DR boost (1+ EV)
- AF similar to the 40D's, 9 cross type AF points (invisible central AF points are going to be included like in 5D)
- 3" LCD with live view
- dust reduction
- 4 fps, larger buffer
- weather sealing


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