Tuesday, 6 February 2007

40D rumours

I've found this on FM forum:

Now, while I can't argue against your logic, it is pretty safe to say that the likelyhood of the 40D coming out this year is so high that it borders on certainty. 30D sales are hurting, that has been shown several times already. The competition has surpassed it on all sides, most importantly the pixel count. A potential xxD user switching brands hurts more than just the loss of the sale of one body, it will also hurt in lost lens sales.

The 30D is still using the same sensor as the 20D (as far as I know, save a few tiny tweaks maybe) so that particular sensor technology is definately 2.5 years old. Ample time to complete the bump to a new resolution.

I see two scenarios: One is that Canon does the disappointing stop-gap trick and simply catches up with the rest, 10.2 mpixel CMOS bayer sensor, and it will leave it at that. The other one is that Canon gets its act together and jumps ahead in terms of technology. This could be going to APS-H, with all the associated benefits and, admittedly, drawbacks, or it could be stepping away from a traditional Bayer sensor to a TrueColor/Foveon sensor. Either way, it would leave the current 10 Mpixel dSLR competition in the dust.