Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Canon 1D mkIII - FF or not?

There's debate going on FM whether Canon 1D mkIII should be FF or not. Here are some of the most interesting post favouring either FF or 1,3x/1,25x crop format:

if you really think the 1D series cameras will be full frame, you're wrong. The 1D series camera is made for sports and it will not be FF for a long time, if ever because sports shooters love their 1.3 crop factor.

That's why there's a 1Ds and the 5D. there's NO point to making the 1D full frame. none.

the 1Ds is a studio camera made for commercial photographers and the 5D is made for wedding photographers who wanted FF bought didn't want to spend the extra $$ for the 1Ds because they didn't really need the extra MP's either.

you heard it here first. the new 1D will NOT be full frame. get used to it. if you want FF, get a 1Ds or 5D.

I disagree.
It's only a technical problem to combine a FF and high FPS. Once that is solved, the 1.3X format will be gone.

And Erwin hinted that such a thing actually does exist: "the 1D has no memory buffer, presumably wring directly to the flash card".

dude... the reason the 1D won't be a FF has NOTHING to do with a technical issue about FF sensors and fps. It's about CROP FACTOR!

Even if they solved the technical issue and were able to make a FF camera and a high fps rate they wouldn't do it to the 1D. Maybe the 1Ds... and that's a BIG maybe.

Sports shooters like the extra length they are getting out of their long glass without having to add extensions.

Replies to that post:

FIRST REPLY: I do not think any of this has anything to do with Canon's considerations.

Let's assume they can make a 1D Mk III with the 5D sensor and keep FPS intact and keep it at the same price level.
1. I think they will do it.
2. I think that sports shooters will like the extra MP and the bigger and brighter viewfinder much more than they like the "extra length".

Please do not forget that:
1. The sole reason for creating the cropped sensors was price. Once that is reduced to minimal levels (it can never be eliminated), we will see much more FF sensors, from all manufactures.
2. Canon stated that its aim is to have all its DSLR's - save from the cheapest - to be FF.
3. The "extra length" is not a real one. It looks like it but it actually isn't.

SECOND REPLY: Remember the 70% center of a FF imager is equivalent to the 1.3 factor you're speaking of. So anyone that wants the sweet middle (or the not so middle) of a shot can simply crop to the sweet-spot. This is the reason Canon will DROP the 1.3x imager. It was a temporary imager until Canon could improve its fabrication capability and costs thereof, including the processor capacity which I believe the DIGIC-III is designed to handle; Timing, this upcomming 2007 release or the release thereafter.


And at the end a picture of what is supposed to be the new Canon 1D NRS. It looks like a fake to me...

The text says:
The birth of the legend
New Canon EOS 1DNRs.
12 mega pixels, 8 fps a second.
full frame


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