Tuesday, 13 February 2007

5D's succesor

There are numerous rumours floating around the web, on what specifications should the Canon 5D N or 6D have. I'll post the most interesting rumours below:

5D sales figures are much worse than were expected. Good news is that 5DN will remain at the same resolution, but the speed increased to 4 or perhaps even 5 fps. Bad news is that it may be in a dumbed down body of 30D (smaller grip, smaller viewfinder, buil-in flash) or even plastic as in EOS-3. The anti-dust and Digic III are given, of course.


It is no secret that Canon expected better sales of 5D as the least expensive FF DSLR. But they overestimated consumers' willingness to part with an extra grand. Everyone wants FF for under $2K while $3K remains out of reach for most, but a handful of pros. If Canon could go back in time and do it all over again, I believe, 5D now would be 1.3x crop. But they can't. So now they face a difficult choice to renew the model while reducing the cost. To me this is bad news, because they may put it in an inferior body of 30D with a worse grip, smaller viewfinder and worthless pop-up flash or make it all plastic. I'd really hate to see 5D going down, because it was an outstanding camera and a miracle that it was released FF.


This rumour is not just about the 5D's succesor, but about the complete Canon lineup:

You may be right, but unlikely, because PMA is the biggest photo event of the year and it is Canon's 70-year anniversary and 20-year anniversry of the EOS system. 1Ds Mark III is expected as a statement of superiority, 30D failed in the market and 5D was also close to the same. This was the reason for the rebates. As far as 1D Mark III, I would expect it later in fall, because Canon cannot upset its distribution by releasing more than 2 or 3 DSLR's at a time. The fact that the rebates were extended points to a conclusion that it may be 3 new cameras at PMA, all with anti-dust and Digic III:
1Ds Mark III 21.0 mp 4 or 5 fps
5DN 12.7 mp 4 or 5 fps
40D 10.4 mp 5 or 6 fps


I hope people from Canon are reading this. We WANT SUB 2k euro/$ FF.


caleb said...

I think the 5d is testing ground for Canon. They aren't wanting to get the whole world to buy one. They'll make more if they can get their lower level dslrs to sell better. Basically I think the 5d is doing what they expected...an entry level PRO camera. Good resolution in an affordable package. The price point gives it the prestige needed to give people something to want that is actually able to be purchased by small studios that can't spend 7K on the 1dsmkII...

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