Saturday, 17 February 2007

Latest rumours

I found this latest prediction on Canon PMA announcements on FM. I'm not sure about 800 f5.6 DO, since the photo floating on the web two weeks ago was a fake, but the rest of the stuff is more likely to be announced, at least when in comes to the 2 cameras mentioned below:

40D=10Mp, anti dust, new display, 5fps, 9+2 AF points pricing: 100-1600+H, EF-S,x 1.6, SD, new viewfinder, DIGICIII, option: Wifi grip

1DsmkIII= 22mp, 2,5"lcd, PS, 45AF, DIGICIII, 100-3200+H+L, 1.0, 4fps, high speed crop mode 8,5fps


17-135EF-S IS

800/5.6 IS DO

Pixma ip6xxx: wireless pictbridge,

Selphy ipES miniprinter wireless pictbridge,

Powershot A740 IS wireless 10Mp DIGICIII, 6x zoom, WiFi.

IXUSi10 zoom 10Mp lifestyle, IXUS 70 edition,

DC50 DVD camcorder


pirate said...

This is great news if its true, especially the SD card for 40D.

Ori said...

Whats so great about SD? Any special advantage over CF? Other than the fact the Canon would loose potential upgraders that spent thousands of $ on CFs?

mute said...

I can't believe Canon which switch the xxd range to SD cards, not unless it supports both, which is unlikely. I only have CF cards but it's more than a few hundred bucks worth, enough to make me not want to have to buy the same amount of SD cards.

pirate said...

With most of its competitors now on SD, its time for Canon to move along with the crowd.

Recently I went shopping for a CF card and I notice that most shops carry SD cards and few or no CF cards at all. Most of the PS cameras are using SDs and the shops are selling more SDs than CFs. Those who sell CFs will quote a higher price since they know its limited in numbers.

But the real reason why I wanted a DSLR with SD was due to a bad experience of a friend. He bought a brand new D200 and less than 24 hours later, he had to return it for a new one. Why? Because he inserted a CF card and it bended one of the pins inside the camera. I'm a big fan of CF until that moment when I heard his story. Looking at my CF card, I wonder if the same thing could happen to me too. And do I want to always check my CF card each time I insert it?

StuBert said...

Pirate, it's very unfortunate for your friend, but having taken more than 30,000 pictures with various EOS digital cameras across countless CF cards I would be extremely surprised if Canon dropped it.

The main advantage of CF over SD is the robustness of the format - pro photographers prefer them because they don't have to worry about delicate contacts etc. When I'm on safari, I just have a bunch of cards stuffer in my pocket, and I don't worry about damage - even if I sit on them. They really are extremely good.

So I would not worry too much about CF - unless of course you try to insert them the wrong way round !

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