Wednesday, 21 February 2007

A new Canon pro camera in UK store on March 6th

I found this on Bob Atkins site. Another rumour about Canon pro camera announcement (which will happen anyway). The date that everyone is waiting now is Feb 22nd, yeah that's tomorrow. Will there be announcements and if how many. Someone should make a countdown (do you still remember the pre-Photokina Canon countdown?). Anyway here are the rumours:

Not exactly earth shattering news, but a UK store ( has sent out a flier announcing they will be showing a new professional Canon DSLR in their store on March 6th. This is after the "Focus on Imaging" UK trade show (25th-28th Feb) and just before PMA (March 8th-11th), so the timing is right. The only real surprise would be if Canon didn't announce a new professional DSLR before PMA...

Other current rumors are suggesting that Canon will be saying something on Thursday February 22nd at 5pm Tokyo time (8am London, 3am New York), so if that's true we won't have to wait much longer!