Tuesday, 13 February 2007

How many FF cameras will Canon announce?

This is also one of the hottest topics on the forums. Will it stay at 2 FF cameras, move up to 3 (with Canon 1D mkIII), or even plan to have (in the future, not right after PMA) all its DSLR's FF (save from the cheapest).

5D Mk II: 12 Mpixel entry level full frame
1D Mk III: 12 Mpixel 8-10 fps full frame sports shooter in pro body
1Ds Mk III: 22 Mpixel 4 fps full frame studio / reportage shooter in pro body

3 full frame cameras, without internal conflict or competition, 3 separated markets.

Lets not forget: If Canon ups the high ISO performance of 5D-sized photo sites, which seems likely since the pixel pitch would stay the same, yet process enhancements would lower the noise floor, then every sports shooter can simply take a 1.4x extender and up the ISO a notch, if they want more reach.